Preparing For Your Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information should help you in preparing for your upcoming visit to Budd’s Gunisao Lake Lodge. If you have any questions not listed, please contact us for more info.

• 6:30 am > Wake-up call & fresh coffee delivered to your room

• 7:00 am > Hearty Gunisao Breakfast (Open menu)

• 8:00 am > World Class Fishing begins

• Noon > Famous Shore Lunch prepared by your guide

• 5:00 pm > Return from fishing (Ice & hors d’ oeuvres)

• 6:30 pm > 3 course evening meal

*Guided night fishing allowed, hourly tip required for guide ($20 US – simply make arrangements with your guide during that day).
We require that all boats return to the Lodge at dark (to comply with provincial law & safety guidelines).

*** An important & helpful tip in packing for your upcoming trip to Gunisao Lake: Pack a small overnight bag for your overnight stay in Winnipeg. This will save time and confusion in the morning of your trip to the Lodge by allowing us to take the bulk of your luggage and equipment to our chartered aircraft the night before.

*** Please remember your weight is restricted to 50 lbs. per person. Providing space is available, any additional weight will be charged $5.00 US per pound.

Other items to consider:

• Proper Identification/Proof of Citizenship - please review the current border crossing regulations HERE

• Good quality rain gear

• Spring/fall jacket

• Warm clothing - hats, gloves & boots (May to early June)

• Polarized sunglasses

• Good sun block

• Camera

• Charging cords & battery packs

We Furnish:

• Coolers for each boat

• Certified life vests

• Fishing electronics

• Manitoba fishing license

• Frozen minnows

In the summer months, daytime temperatures range between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Mornings & evenings can be cool & refreshing, between 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit. For the greatest comfort, layer your clothing so jackets and sweaters can be removed as daytime temperatures rise or when fishing in protected bays where temperatures are warmer than on the open lake.

Check out the current weather and forecast for Gunisao here.

* Due to the remoteness of Gunisao, there is no actual weather station here. Weather and forecast will be for Ponask Lake, MB; approximately 24 miles North of Gunisao.


Dusty's Tackle Tips


◉  Light-Medium Rod (6-10 lb. test line)

◉  Ultra-Light Rod and Reel (4-8 lb. test line)

◉  Fuzz-E-Grubs (1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 oz., hot yellow, orange - chartreuse, smoke and root beer)

– or –

◉  Jigs with twister tails (yellow – white)

◉  Jigs with Power Baits (neon, white, yellow, leech and crawler forms)

◉  Rapalas (#11 and larger / straight or jointed bodies, natural, perch, clown, blue, trout, etc.)

◉  Floating Jigs (Roach or Lindy Rigs, wobble glows, spin and glo, any homemade concoction / bottom bouncers)


Northern Pike:

◉  Medium-Heavy Rod (12-20 lb. test line)

◉  Steel Leaders (8”-12” long)

◉  Daredevils (1oz.) and Red-Eye Wigglers (5 of diamonds, red and white, pearly, any silvery combo)

◉  Rapala Minnow spoons (weedless and 3/4 oz. and 1oz., clown and all natural colors)

◉  Stick Baits (magnum Rapalas)

◉  Mepps Spinners with Bucktails # 5 with black tails

◉  Micro Bull Dawg Fishing Lures


Additional Equipment:

◉  steel leaders

◉  extra line

◉  swivels

◉  something to cut fishing line,

◉  towel to wipe your hands

◉  camera


For any other tackle or equipment questions you might have,
please give us a call: (517)676-FISH(3474)