We Give You A Trophy Walleye Fishing Experience Of A Lifetime, Every Time.

Manitoba Master Anglers caught at Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge

Our numbers tell the real story about our prolonged success, and proven results. Not only do we catch some of the biggest walleye each year, we catch a lot of them - for 18 years in a row, Budd’s has more than doubled the amount of Trophy Walleyes compared to every other lake in Manitoba. Manitoba is home to the oldest Master Angler program in North America, 51 years and going strong. The program considers a 28 inch (or larger) walleye a Manitoba Master Angler.
Gunisao Lake is known by many as the "Master Angler Walleye Lake"

3 out of 5 of our 2022 guests caught a Master Angler. Take a look at last season's numbers and you'll see that Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge continues to live up to the reputation of The World's Best Trophy Walleye Fishing!


Budd's Master Angler Club

The Budd’s Master Angler Club (BMAC) is our very own club designated to acknowledge the achievements of all of the Trophy Fishermen on Gunisao Lake.

Benefits of joining the BMAC include:

  • A commemorative BMAC pin with the year of your accomplishment.
  • Entry in our St. Croix Rod and Reel combo giveaway.
  • 1 lucky BMAC member will receive a free trip back to Budd’s the following year.





Manitoba Master Angler Awards from Travel Manitoba

Released Badge

The Released badge is presented to anglers who catch and release their first trophy fish of qualifying size, in any one of the 30 eligible species.

Bronze Badge

Awarded only once, the Bronze badge is presented to anglers who catch their first trophy fish of qualifying size, in any one of the 30 eligible species.

Silver Badge (The Expert)

This badge honours the skill and scope it takes to catch one qualifying fish from five different species. The combination you choose to become an "Expert" is up to you. At Budd’s you can achieve this by catching a Master Angler walleye, northern pike, sucker, whitefish, yellow perch, burbot, lake trout or tullibee.

Specialist Badges

Catch five qualifying fish of any one species to receive their award. Many of our guest qualify for their specialist Walleye badge in just one trip.

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