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In 2017, over 70% of all Trophy Walleyes in Manitoba were caught at Budd’s. That’s 10 times the amount of any other lake in Manitoba!

17 years in a row, Budd’s has more than doubled the amount of Trophy Walleyes compared to every other lake in Manitoba.

2 different anglers landed a 32 inch Walleye at Gunisao in 2017, tying the record for the second largest caught in Manitoba that year.

Over 70% of our 2017 guests caught a Trophy Walleye. 359 different anglers went home a Master Angler from Budd’s.

Over 41% of the Trophy Walleyes caught at Budd’s in 2017 were 29 inches or larger. Now that’s big!

TV Personality Babe Winkelman and “Mr. Walleye” Gary Roach called Budd’s the Best Trophy Walleye lake in Canada.

At Budd’s, 100 fish a day per boat is the norm, not the exception. That’s a lot of fish in your boat.

The average Walleye at Budd’s is over 20 inches. That is an outstanding average size for a Walleye.

Spend all your valuable time fishing for Trophy Walleye, not going for a boat ride. It’s only 35 minutes from one end of the lake to the other.

Year after year, Budd’s anglers have consistently caught the most - and the largest -Trophy Walleyes of any lake in Manitoba.

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